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Dear Readers, this educational, informative and well-researched blog is dedicated to those who don't want to settle down living a mediocre life. The digested content will inspire you to take important actions.


The first step is to move on daily after waking up with a clear purpose in your focused mind. Well, it is perfectly fine to be confused sometimes. Remember that slow and steady always wins the race. But you have to choose which battle you want to fight. You must change the track if it is a rat race taking you nowhere if you still operate the remote control. With a clear roadmap for achieving the long-term goals, you will stay focused to continue a long journey keeping you motivated, inspired and happy despite challenges and obstacles as the major roadblocks. The purpose of this platform is to share knowledge about career, education, life and passion that you will find here.

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2017, but I explored the unknown paths beyond the engineering syllabus similar to other all-rounder engineers. I have chosen this platform as a humble attempt to connect with similar voices that need a medium to express themselves amid the chaotic surroundings. 


This exciting journey started with a consistent habit of reading storybooks on Sunday mornings that used to come right after busy school days. However, the other subjects would determine the annual performance. After school, it took around five years to start my first job as a Content Writer, which lasted for only five months. Having no way back, I chose to keep looking forward while sitting at home as the organization had ended its operations. But I was gearing up to accept a new opportunity instead of being disappointed, trying to resolve the entire story of inaccurate decision-making resulting from a lack of information. During the placement drives, one more rejection could end the journey of hopes, but I was never trying to give up. However, the last day of college made me confront my worst fear of leaving the college one last time without having a job in hand. Four years back, the first day of college had motivated me to repeat that routine of those Sunday mornings almost every day to be able to write and speak up in English from Hindi medium background. It would be a critical factor in success in the interviews and group discussions. I couldn't imagine myself falling into a win-win situation. Today, that feeling has replaced the language from English to German. 


While continuing the second job as a Technical Analyst, which started after 3 years and 3 months, I tried to evolve my career and resolve my experiences while working late nights and Sundays. This career inspired me to share extensive knowledge gained through studying Business Management, Project Management, Technical Research and Organizational Case Studies. Now, as an Expert working for an MNC, I am focusing on improving my research skills to develop standard business reports. In this way, this platform will be an interactive space to discuss ideas, develop skills and help you determine what you want to achieve in life.


While working from home till late at night, I genuinely thought I should share everything from unlearning to learning, from making mistakes to getting back on track and exploring the unexpected journey to creating a unique path. 


At 'Explore With Vishal', you can explore various domains based on facts, research, personal experiences and current trends under the categories such as education, career, technology, travelling, psychology and philosophy. The purpose of the various forms of content will be to enrich the lives that seek happiness.

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