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How to deal with suspicious Motorbikes and Mobile Snatchers?

The hard news of snatching the gold jewelry of women and mobile phones of anyone usually is framed as the headline of various newspapers. I realised how terrifying such incidents are when two snatchers who were riding on a speedy bike, almost attacked me having captured my iPhone. I am concerned about the safety perspectives of others in terms of their lost belongings, mental torture, and helplessness. However, there are sure ways to get out of mental barriers which a moment of bravery taught me. You can also turn out to become brave if you are prepared and take the right call when you are presented with such situations.

A mobile phone is not just a collection of photographs, and chats, it is a massive storage of my honest efforts that got invested in buying it. You build your life around a mobile phone as research confirmed humans check their notifications every 8 minutes. After one more working day, I was talking to a friend while walking down a seemingly calm road at night. However, without waiting for a second, I mustered the courage to grab the collar of the back seater with my right palm which I had my iPhone just a few seconds ago. The next second, both of them were stuck on the road which went against their plan.

Having been alert in that instance rather than exhibiting a freeze response, I found my iPhone again with me having forcefully taken it back from him. I was already in panic mode, but I could prevent the theft.

According to the first law of Newton, which implies that any object remains in the rest mode or in movement if there is no applicable external force. The quiet high intense force pulled them and the bike had to get into a state of rest. The gears could not make it fly as it fell lying down in front of them as it was their only asset. Although before I could move to the second action, the rider was able to get up and start the bike again. Being aware that how such inhuman beings hurt the sentiments of others too, I thought there was no other place for them other than the jail. However, the brutal attackers ran away feeling scared of getting caught again. People standing nearby couldn’t help. But, I realised right away why I did not fall in 99% of cases when your phone is gone in such a situation. Staying physically active, and practicing breathing exercises regularly made me fall in that 1% case. Additionally, I have been busy listening to the teachings of God Shree Krishna who mentored Arjun in the field of battle in Mahabharata. If you are surrounded by a protected layer of positive vibrations, there is no negative force that can break into it.

You have to be physically and mentally stronger to face such unplanned adversities. It gave me a chance to remind people that they can be still safe even though such unsocial elements exist around all of us. What you need to do is to become stronger each day. There is a lot we can do to gain strength. The power is within you. Your self-control, self-awareness, and self-motivation can save you from similar instances. You do not have to pay for practising breathing.

Escaping the trauma, I could switch to the parasympathetic nervous system to recover in a few seconds. You can shake it out with the use of certain techniques that can help you to be fully under your skin. If you are not in control of your emotions, there is a remote in someone’s hands who can keep changing the channels. Therefore, it is undeniably important to be aware of your surroundings. It happens when there is less chatter in your mind, and more actions to take from day to night. So, never give such harsh people a chance to kill your peace of mind. Face such situations bravely rather than feeling anxious and submitting. It is far better to exhibit a fight response over a freeze response. Though, my earphone was left at home which is not the case 99% time. Also, if it is possible don’t walk with a mobile phone getting exposed where there is a risk of getting attacked by the toxic, and inhuman people I described.

What to do when mobile phone is stolen?

First of all, nobody wants such a heinous situation to occur. However, it is harsh that the chain of illegal acts is too broad that it is not easy to break it. Yet, there must be ways to overcome as you should never lose your faith in yourself, administration, and miracles. The spiked tension is normal which accelerates the stress hormone. Feeling completely helpless might be the initial reaction. But DO NOT PANIC. If you take the right steps, the situation can be reversed. All problems are solvable in the sea of life. This era is about cloud platforms. If you have kept your data on Cloud, you will almost get it all. Therefore, staying alert in such cases is more convenient as if you lose your mobile phone, at least it should not be important data.

· Reporting to the nearest police station is convenient. In such serious situations, the Police are the first point of contact. They have legit ways to help you.

· You should have your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number too. The number with 15 digits is devised on every device so that in the case of stealing mobile phones, the search team can track it.

· Find My feature of iPhone ensures tracking the Apple gadgets. It is also applicable in the case of offline mode. Using other Apple devices, the lost phone can be tracked with help of Find My Application. Make sure to turn on the Find My option on your iPhone. You can indicate that your device is lost which can be marked. Many features will get disabled such as Apple Pay.

· You should contact the network service provider to disable the services for avoiding the misuse of phone calls, data, and texting.

Even if the bits of emotional trauma are left within, do not avoid the need for expressing yourself. Confirming this need, you can talk with a professional counselor as such tragic incidents also pose danger to mental well-being.

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