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How to take/make Right Decisions- Analyze Pros & Cons

Just like we can solve this Rubik's cube with practice, diligence and consistency, we can get rid of any complex puzzle in our life. It is as easy as writing down your pros and cons on a piece of paper. You just need a pen, paper, mind, mood and motivation. It is not much, and there is nothing expensive. Let's figure it out.

We should be able to take our decision which is a series of carefully planned actions. Sometimes it is just enough to take that decision; otherwise, not taking it will make you more stuck. It is acceptable to take your time. Don't wait for the right time. Either take it right or make it right.

Ratan Tata believes in taking decisions and then making them right. He listens to everyone and finalizes his own decision, being equipped with technical and management skills. His Indica project is one of the best examples for which there was no need for a license but only a vision. It was a good deal for Tata Group to launch a new car with new learning and new implementation despite facing criticism.

Most situations are like that when we don't have any other choice except to make another decision. No matter what cost you pay for any decision and what kind of sacrifices you make, it has to turn out right for you to be happy with the outcome. We select from a lot of subjects, career options and diverse surroundings. There are always a lot of things around us, but we should be able to get clarity sooner or later. If it can be at the earliest, the better decision, it can be called. Whether there is a lack of clarity, in the beginning, you have only two options. Either you can do your whole research, take the right decision and be happy with it no matter what happens later. Or you are unsure about your choice, but you move on with one of the choices you are left with. Then your consistent efforts let you see the clarity, and you make your decision right. Isn't it too complicated, like solving that Rubik's cube? You just need to know about the basic principles before diving deeper.

This whole process, from deciding to be happy or unhappy with the outcome, covers three factors. Mind, mood and motivation.

Mind- A reservoir of knowledge in which you keep acquiring important information turning out as an asset when you need it the most.

Mood- Your state of mind which decides whether you are happy, sad or angry at a certain point in time. Your actions and reaction to others' actions, encouragement, and discouragement are gonna decide your mood.

Motivation- Your internal drive to wake up again no matter how chaotic your present situations are and instinctively follow your whole productive routine going through all the important tasks.

Analyze Pros & Cons

Any situation is a mix of both pros and cons as there can be both positive and negative consequences of your decision. Listing out all the pros and cons makes you see your real circumstances. You realize what the rewards you are going to fetch while keeping some things at stake. Don't worry. You just need to manage the cons part if you want to take that decision. I will tell you how you can do it for yourself, whether it is any complicated situation, after telling you why you need to do it because if you know why you can get to know how to do it. You will get the path you need to move on with the right steps and calculated moves.

Why Analyze Pros & Cons?

You should analyze the pros and cons of any decision because it is evident that we are not gonna reap benefits all the time. We can not reverse the taken decision. There is a complete or incomplete thought process that your analytical mind goes through. You just get clarity on whether you are making the right decision or how can you make your decision right by comparing the alternatives. Research proved there is a lot of significance in career counseling in helping students to make the right decision. You may even come across analyzing your pros and cons when you talk to the right person. Let's understand this process by taking a real-world example.

Real-World Example

The cons can be against you making your decision a wrong one or not letting you take it. For instance, you want to start a job as you have completed your graduation. This is the crossroad all of us go through. Now, if you analyze this situation, you see there are both pros and cons.

So when you make this decision, you will need to weigh your pros and cons. You will see what matters to you the most. If these cons matter, then probably you are not willing to take this decision but being forced or pressurized, let us say it is peer pressure or family pressure to start earning. One thing is possible if you don't want to accept these cons, then you should pursue MBA because there are a lot of jobs you can get at any point in the timeline. Perhaps, you can do a part-time job earning something if it matters that much. But if this decision still doesn't relate to you, then you should do that job with the condition that you will have a plan to manage these cons.

- Pursue MBA with a distance learning program or full-time after getting 2 years of work experience.

What can you do to get a hike in your salary?

- Consistently good performance

- Switch to another organization with proven work experience

With these three strategies, you will be in a better situation in the next two years.

If it is another field, it doesn't matter if you are passionate about your daily routine. There is no end to what you can learn and do at any time. There are a lot of examples you already know.

So either it is possible to take the right decision or make a decision and make it right. The right decision-makers pursue that MBA before, during or after that job, depending on their respective circumstances. But there are certain circumstances due to which you just need to decide to get that job with less salary. It is not the right decision to keep your standards low after studying much from school to college. But still, you can make it right by pursuing an MBA side by side or after two years of work experience if your hectic routine does not allow it. You can make your performance sharp each day and switch to another organization anytime to get the expected salary.

You just need your evolving mind, happy mood and intrinsic motivation to take or make the right decision.

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