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How to recover from COVID-19 Impact

The Impact of Coronavirus on Mental Health and Analytical Future Strategies

Once again, the world has witnessed one more Titanic-like extreme situation. A lot is at stake during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. However, now focusing on the ways to recover, redevelop and reinvent everything that got hit by this Tsunami is essentially considerable. The acceptance of the impact is the only solution now to be able to resolve all the problems that unknowingly became part of our life.

Risk management is the top priority to recover emotionally, physically and financially. We should identify the potential risks that will make us unhappy soon. It can be anything that will not add any value to your life. The major risks are losing a job, getting infected by the coronavirus, and getting exhausted from a hectic routine. In contrast, the mitigation plan for each risk looks like making yourself skilled and independent for never being afraid to lose your career.

The vaccination is an important step to get rid of COVID-19. Also, your time and family time is important apart from your busy professional life. Consistent moral support will be your pill to stay inspired and will not have any side effects. In the same way, you can identify any risk and imply appropriate mitigation to neutralize its impact.

Impact of Coronavirus on Mental Health

If we are still far from the edge of a drowning Titanic of hopes, we should feel gratitude and extend the help to provide others with the lifeboat at such a critical time. While people are vaccinating, there will be utmost importance for positive minds, healthy routines and an abundance of encouragement for following a chosen career path. It starts with hoping and working positively for the desired growth in education, career, business and professional & personal relationships. However, due to an extended and uncertain timeline of this pandemic, the lack of clarity is one of the impacts which is also impairing mental health.

While we stayed at home to keep ourselves and others safe from the harsh consequences of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the negative impact on physical and mental health has challenged us to live unexpectedly. Feeling positive is as important as being declared as Corona negative. The inactive routine, lack of exposure to the sun and missing social lives had constrained us to live a boring and conditional lifestyle.

The impacted lifestyle is turning into normal gradually with a fear of everything getting reversed again. This process has transformed us from feeling bitter to better as the lockdown eased. While we are returning to our not-so-same routines again, innovative strategies are recommended that can also be implemented from today. Keeping people protected forever from many viruses of negative thoughts is the sole purpose of sharing the following strategies.

Analytical Future Strategies

Don't just Hope, Act too

It is a conventional idea to rely on just keeping yourself positive by repeating to yourself that hope will let you stay on track. However, we must keep moving rather than being stuck at one point. The instant actions will never let you down, for which your hope can be the fuel. However, you have to insert the key, place your hands on the steering wheel and take control of the accelerator and brakes, depending on the peace of mind or traffic jam of your inner thoughts.

Online education paved the way for getting you enrolled in any course you want to attend still. It can be about learning a new skill or upskilling yourself in various fields. For example, learning a foreign language such as German, French and Spanish will make you stand out from others with a plan of action that will drive you towards employment.

Analyze your Present Situation by SWOT Analysis

It is recommended to analyze where you stand right now in any aspect of your life. Daily life may consist of watching television for a long time, not sleeping so early and not knowing what your passion is when you wake up in the morning. It would help if you tried to consider the situations you are stuck around. The possible outcomes can be either positive or negative depending on whether it is your strength or weakness. You may not be aware of what are the opportunities that are going to boost your life. Similarly, you might be afraid of the dark threats that exist somewhere in your mind, but you are resisting to accept.

You can even do the SWOT analysis that will make you reflect on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Just take some time for yourself and extract the relevant details to write about your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It can be very helpful for any area of your life before any drastic situation occurs. Based on your previous mixed experiences, you can plan. As a result, you become courageous to face your fears and move towards resolving your complicated problems too.

Risk Management Plan

Today when you go out in the crowd, you must wear a mask despite getting vaccinated. Since things have changed, the scenario for health, education and career is also different. Consider the risks if you still follow the same strategy to prepare for the interviews.

Focus on Health: Many risks can be managed if we manage ourselves. It may not happen suddenly because the incremental and gradual changes are more powerful in the making and sustain new habits.

  • If you were not into Yoga sessions, now that is one of the activities. We have seen enough of the risks of being physically inactive.

  • If you are habitual of walking or jogging in the garden, you need to consider the risks if you still go to a garden occupied by random people.

  • Many small things still matter that we may shrug our shoulders from. It would help if you changed the mindset first, to control anything in your life before it starts controlling you.

Manage Online Interview: The online and telephonic interviews are entirely different, which requires you to be more motivated, prepared, genuine and presentable. The polished shoes can send positive vibes to your mind, which helps you to crack the interview. It would be best to keep a pen and paper, drinking water, no noise and no network issues in your surroundings. Make sure your digital devices are charged up. Most importantly, ensure that whether you are charged up or not. Yes, it is also a part of building a career. Look and feel professional even before they hire you. You can still wear the same outfit to look professional, which you would be doing when attending a face-to-face Interview.

How to Work From Home: While working from home, self-management has been very important. You will be given instructions remotely, but you need to follow them in a space where only you can control yourself. You still need to follow the deadlines of a project. It can teach something about professional responsibility, accountability and creativity. It depends on you how you manage your time.

  • The strategies such as preparedness, prioritizing and planning will lead to maintaining a clean desk, organizing yourself with an updated to-do list and clarity of professional goals.

  • To be innovative while working, you must find out what works best for you. It can be simply your peaceful terrace, a much-awaited conversation, an inspiring book, a favorite movie and a favorite person.

  • Apps such as Google Calendar, Microsoft To-Do and Google Docs will make many tasks easier and manageable, whether working or studying.

It starts by focusing on consistent efforts that align with your specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound goals. Moreover, doing what makes you feel happy and stay motivated daily is worth getting attention. Sometimes, you are also required to work or study at night, which can be done when your mind is calm.

Get hired but create Jobs too: Suppose that you have an innovative idea that can resolve certain problems. If it is possible, analyze the worth of your idea. Maybe the output of your analysis can be an input for someone else. Now is the time to gradually create jobs. If you recognize the worth of your speaking skills, you may come up with a YouTube channel. You may not have time to edit your videos. Simply put, you can create a job by hiring a video editor. It may lead to more jobs for job seekers.

Above all, if you do not take care of your mental and physical health, everything starts falling. Being proactive is relevant for maintaining a periphery of education, career, professional and personal relationships.


How to deal with a pandemic by sitting at home turned out of the syllabus. But, humans can adapt despite we all were preparing to leave a mark in this world by going outside to earn. It is time to rethink flexibly considering the scope of uncertainties as new challenges are inevitable due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the vaccine makers have cracked the solution, it is our turn to get injected with positive thoughts. Only being determined to wake up every day with a strong purpose in mind can be an effective solution to control what is still in our hands.


  • Let's support others during these tough times.

  • Create more and more jobs.

  • Stay Inspired and keep others in the loop.

  • Follow your passion without thinking about the stigma of what others will think. Perhaps, they may get inspired by you as you must be inspired by someone else.

  • Become adaptable as your room can also be your workplace.

  • Never stop learning even if you think you do not have time or you do not need it.

  • Take care of your mental and physical health.

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